Project Experience

Over the past seven years, I have worked with languages including Python, Spark, Java, SQL, and C/C++. Some highlights from my experience are below, but please check out my Github for a more complete list of finished projects.

Program Reduction

I have recently started working with a tremendous team at the University of Pennsylvania under the guidance of Mayur Naik that focuses on debloating large programs. Over the summer, I spent time researching the application of the team's Chisel program on web apps (specifically on the impact of non-determinism related to applications that interact with a server) and I am currently working on debloating mobile apps to improve performance without sacrificing user experience by leveraging reinforcement learning. You can read more about Chisel through the link below.

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Implementing a Data Pipeline

When I arrived at Accolade as a data engineer, the company was transitioning to a new enterprise data warehouse on AWS. I implemented a scalable pipeline which could collect unstructured data from microservices using SNS/SQS, transform data using Spark on EMR, and upsert the data to the warehouse in Redshift. It was a great opportunity to learn at a fun and energetic company. It meant a lot working on a team that faces the challenges of healthcare head-on and tries to make the industry a more compassionate and economical place. Learn more about them at the link below!

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CryptoCurrency Trading Opportunities

A friend and I are currently working on developing a platform to help users experiment with applying traditional technical trading models to the cryptocurrency market. We hope to demystify cryptocurrency trading and familiarize the marketplace and the underlying securities with a larger audience.

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Planning Nightly Move Operations

At McMaster-Carr, I used IBM Mainframe and ISPF to develop a SQL/VBA database for 600,000 items to optimize nightly operational capacity during an internal warehouse inventory relocation. Leveraging the database, we reduced the move from 16 to 14 weeks and saved $35,000. I cannot provide a link to this as it contained company data. Instead, you will find a link to puppies.

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UPenn Course Recommender

During the 2018 Winter Edition of PennApps, the University of Pennsylvania's hackathon that attracts hackers from around the world, I worked with two other students to develop a machine learning program that recommends electives to Penn Students based on previous course reviews. We leveraged the Python Scikit-Learn library and Bootstrap to put it all together over two days.

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Pente Player AI

Pente is a strategic game played with stones on a grid, like Othello. In addition to designing a framework, I built an AI in Java that can search and execute optimal moves. The AI beat me a few times, which I am not proud of.

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This Website!

I had a lot of fun making this website, and I would be happy to help anyone get started making their personal site. Please ask questions, and if you see any ways that I can improve the site, let me know!

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Supported Initiatives

If you have the opportunity, please take some time to check out the awesome work of some of the organizations below! Each organization supports a unique cause that means a great deal to their local communities.

BBBS of Mercer County

My participation with Big Brothers Big Sisters programs provided me with some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Most recently I worked as a Big Brother in Mercer County. BBBS Mercer provides opportunities for kids from diverse backgrounds in need of a role model, and they have countless success stories. Please take some time to review their recent initiatives.

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Minds Matter Philadelphia

Many children in urban public scools crave exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic academic opportunities, but often don't know where to channel their enthusiasm. Minds Matter aims to change that for teenage students in Philadelphia through mentorship and eduction.

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Operation Jersey Cares

During our field missions in Korea, my company was often away from our base for weeks at a time. The generous people at Operation Jersey Cares sent multiple care packages to our unit during my two years overseas that provided many essential items and a little bit of home. This great organization supports deployed troops around the world and I was fortunate to see the impact of their mission first hand.

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Here are some fun memories that might help you get to know me a little better!

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or old-fashioned mail!

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Address: 241 S 49th Street, Philadelphia PA, 19139